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About Tinycat Designs

Tinycat Designs is a passion and business project. The primary goal is to make beautiful, colorful, comfortable, and durable clothing that helps women feel comfortable in their own skin. The owner, Katie, designs and then makes each garment by hand. Most of the materials Katie chooses to use are natural and sustainable-- the most popular items are the contrast-back swing dresses, which are made with bamboo knit fabric. Not only is this fabric sustainable, but it is truly lovely to wear. 

Katie is an ecologist that studied animals, and you'll see that reflected in the botanical and animal fabrics she chooses for her designs. 

About Katie

Katie started sewing as a way to get back into making with her hands after a really hard year in grad school (she's also an ecologist!). Katie was extra motivated to make clothing because earlier that year (2013) the Rana Plaza factory had collapsed, and she learned about the horrific working conditions in garment factories. She'd always loved clothing and colors, but wanted to move away from supporting fast fashion companies that exploit workers.

Katie loves being able to help women tell their story and feel more confident through the clothing they choose.